Cherry Point Bay Nursing and Rehablitation Center

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Barber and Beauty 

 Cherry Point Bay Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a beauty shop in house.

The Beautician is available one day per week. Times may vary depending on the number of appointments.

Resident’s Council

Cherry Point Bay has a resident council that meets monthly to discuss planning of monthly resident’s choice meal, preferred activities, resident’s rights, and any other quality of life issues that they need assistance with.


Religious Services

Cherry Point Bay has several volunteer groups from local churches, including The Sanctuary, Cherry Point Baptist Church and others that host activities for our residents each month.

There are also members from churches of several different denominations who stop by to visit with our residents several times each month. These visits are arranged with respect to each resident’s personal religious preferences.


Cherry Point Bay Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has contracts with medical transportation companies in place to ensure resident’s have quality transportation to and from medical appointments.